CNC Production

CelluForce’s track record in developing solutions with small and large corporations is second to none. By working with CelluForce, companies gain access to the world’s largest CNC R&D network, including the teams that first developed the material and that have continued to advance its use in existing and new formulations. Furthermore, CelluForce currently controls approximately 20% of all CNC intellectual property (active patents), more than any other organization in the world.

With a production capacity of 1 tonne/day, CelluForce’s manufacturing plant gives the customer access to large quantities of high quality CNC for testing and for commercial application.

Applications of CelluForce NCC®

Having worked with CNC for several years, CelluForce has developed a wide array of uses in various fields and applications. Though CelluForce NCC® is the basis of most of our products, it can be modified to meet new specifications required to enhance our customer’s products or to generate completely new applications that were previously thought impossible.

Oil and gas


Paper and non-wovens


Plastics and composites

Paints and Coatings

Personal Care

Health Care

Food and Beverages