CelluForce is continuously developing new applications to expand the use of CNC. CelluForce has a very open approach in developing new applications with potential customers. This can vary from a basic sample shipment to full joint development.

A partnership with CelluForce gives our customers privileged access to:

  • A large IP base
  • The world’s leading CNC scientists
  • Vast quantities of material for scale up testing

CelluForce has seen that this joint approach accelerates the development process and allows for quicker product creation. For example, our partnership with Schlumberger has led to the rapid development of improved fluids for use in oil and gas well.

CelluForce applies the principles of concurrent product development: we design and develop our products by running different stages simultaneously, rather than consecutively. The decreased time to market and product development period lead to improved productivity and reduced costs.

Developing CNC applications requires a concerted effort with our collaborating partners. We draw on our technical expertise and knowledge to support our partners’ R&D and/or new product development teams. The result is a customized application that caters to the desired improvement to the customer’s product.