COVID-19: CelluForce NCC® as a gelling agent in hydroalcoholic gels

Published On: 23 April 2020Categories: CelluForce News

CelluForce is happy to report that CelluForce NCC® can be used as a gelling agent in hydroalcoholic gels as a replacement for acrylates and carbomers.  Our teams have been quick to develop formulation guidelines to help gel producers integrate CelluForce NCC® into their hand sanitizers to overcome existing product shortages.  In addition to providing the gelling and thixotropic properties that are required, CelluForce NCC® also upgrades the formulation to being a fully natural product and provides an invisible layer of cellulose which has a long history for use in protecting damaged skin.

CelluForce NCC® is natural, biodegradable and safe. At CelluForce, we harness the power of nature to create better products.

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