CNC in epoxy resins (part 1)

Published On: 9 September 2020Categories: CNC Community

One of the recurring expectations from the application of CNC is that the strengthening achieved in composites could lead to light weighting. One recent example of his being achieved is presented in a publication by Asadi, Baaij, Moon, Harris and Kalaitzidou from Georgia Tech and USFPL. The authors found that 12 to 16 wt%, of glass fiber could be replaced with 1 to 2 wt% of nanocrystals without deterioration of mechanical and impact properties. It was determined that the likely reason was improved interfacial adhesion. Micrographs showed that the addition of CNC in the epoxy results in rougher fracture surfaces and more matrix residues on the glass fiber (b – without CNC, d- with CNC).

For more information please consult the full article here.

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