Properties of CNC

Cellulose is the main building block of trees and plants. Its nanocrystals are organized in a structure of strongly ordered crystalline particles which have been engineered by nature to be inherently strong.

Cellulose NanoCrystals (CNC) have several notable chemical, optical and electrical properties:

  • Their size, shape and charge lead to unique behavior in solutions.
  • The high chemical reactivity of the surface makes CNC customizable for various applications.
  • Their heat stability allows high temperature applications

CNC types

CNC are not all made equal. The CNC produced by CelluForce is called CelluForce NCC® and has specific properties and are especially easy to disperse. CelluForce NCC® is the base material that CelluForce uses in all its products. This base material can be modified and tailored to suit the specific needs in various applications.